Monday, April 22, 2013

Chapter 16. Promotional Planning for Competitive Advantage

Talking about Tiffany & Co. competitive advantage, we can surely include high product quality and excellent service. Since Tiffany is already a well-known company it does not have to work so hard to promote its product, but nevertheless it always works on promotional programs to remind its audience about its great values and qualities.
Tiffany's mass communication happens through television, newspapers, magazines. 
Tiffany is regularly participating in various PR programs to let its customers know about the company's operation, its goals and values. For example, in the past Tiffany opposed creating pebble mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, advocating that it would destroy the nature's richest site. Also, the company showed its concern about corals' disappearance, subsequently stopping to use this vital eco-element in its  jewelry designs. This way Tiffany & Co. showed to the public that it cares about the environment where it operates. In addition, customers can see that on top of great product the company is ethically and morally very responsible.

I am sure that the upcoming movie "The Great Gatsby," based on the novel by F. S. Fitzgerald, intrigues many people; moreover it became known that the movie's all jewelry pieces were designed by Tiffany & Co. This cooperation is mutually advantageous as it greatly promotes both sides. On May 10, when the movie will come to theaters, audience will have a great opportunity to observe Tiffany's new jewelry masterpieces, which is another strategic move to promote its product.

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